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AG Football: Offense Notebook

Prepare & Reflect like a Pro.

Your Season, Your Goals, Your Performance - Start Here

The Offense Notebook is a resource for Athletes to create a Competitive Advantage, Move the Ball Downfield, and Win Football Games. The tools and template inside the Offense Notebook allow Athletes to Stay Organized, Study Film like a Professional, and Review their Performance throughout the season.

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Customize For Your Team

Study Film Like a Pro

The First Universal Template for Film Review and Playbook Study. Our notebook includes templates for reviewing game film and studying your team's playbook. This makes it easy to identify patterns and tendencies in your opponents' strategies, and develop a personalized game plan to create a competitive advantage. With our dedicated film review templates and playbook studying section, you'll be able to gain a deep understanding of the game, and develop a competitive advantage over your opponents.

Take Control of Your Schedule

Athletes are Busy! We built this Notebook for YOU to take control of your Goals, and Dominate on the Gridiron. Keep your Schedule, Practice Performance, Film Study, and Self-Reflection all in one place. 

Crush Your Goals

We provide you with a structured and organized Goal template to plan and track your progress throughout the year. You're 42% more likely to accomplish your goals when you write them down. Make this season the best yet by holding yourself accountable and achieving your goals. 


Our Offense Notebooks help all those on the field to enhance their game. Some of the features within our Notebooks include:

  • Film Study Templates

  • Goal Planning & Tracking

  • Practice Reflection & Evaluation

  • Calendar For Organization

  • Personalized Notes Sections